Katheryn Shields is a former and current City Council member and former Jackson County Executive.

Katheryn personally worked to preserve the Truman Courthouse on the Square in Independence and the Jackson County Courthouse in downtown Kansas City. When she took office as Jackson County Executive in 1995, the downtown courthouse building was in distress with leaking windows and ongoing deterioration of many architectural features. Katheryn saw that the major preservation effort was completed with success. Also, while serving on the City Council she negotiated $800,000 for historic preservation within the downtown loop and provided funding for a developer/preservationist planning effort. She has owned 3 historic homes in Kansas City, Missouri; a 1928 Tudor on Rockhill Road, a 1927 Tudor in Sunset Hills, and a 1980 Condo designed by Moshe Safdie.

Q: What does preservation mean to you?

A: Place matters